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Rainy Day Activities for your au pair

Aussie Au pair
has created this section specially for our hosting families and au pairs, we hope you enjoy it!

1- Mirror Prints 10- Play Dough 19- Paper Mache Animals
2- Silhouette Pictures - 11- Paper Chains 20- Wonder windows
3- Black Out 12- Barber and Beauty Shop 21- Shadow Puppets
4- Kooky Critters 13- Create a Circus 22- Stage a Story
5- Go Fish 14- Collage Containers 23- Kitchen SInk Band
6- Sardines in a Can 15- Window Aquarium 24- Stamp Pad Pictures
7- Make a Book 16- Fairy Garden 25- Junk Art
8- Potato People 17- Strange String Necklaces 26- Sock Puppets
9- Home Radio SHow 18- Seed and Pasta Pictures 27- Costume Party


Mirror Prints

Materials: Mirror
washable paint; Fine-tipped paintbrush; Paper

Look in the mirror and paint your face on it. Paint the outline of your face, your hair, your eyes, nose, and mouth, all on the mirror. You can use one color or many. While the paint is still wet, take a sheet of paper and carefully press it onto your painting on the mirror. Peel it away to see your print! Wash the mirror with glass cleaner and a paper towel. Try reflecting other things in the mirror, then painting and printing them.


Mirror prints

Silhouette Pictures

Materials: Scissors; Black paper;
lamp; white paper; tape; pencil; glue

Before cameras, many people had their portraits done this way. Find a blank wall in your house. Set up a chair in front of the wall and shine a lamp on the wall. One person sits sideways in the chair so that their silhouette appears on the wall. Tape a piece of black paper to the wall right behind the shadow and draw the outline of the silhouette onto the paper. Cut out the outline of the shadow and glue it onto a piece of white paper. Cut your white paper into an oval and put it on a larger black oval frame for an authentic old-time look.

Silhouette Pictures
Black Out

Materials: Paint brush; Heavy paper; crayons; black ink or black crayon
Paper clip; black paint; Sponge

Using crayons, cover a whole piece of paper with colorful patterns. Then paint over it several times with black ink, or cover it with black crayon. Use a paper clip to scrape out a picture through the black. Scratch just deep enough to remove the top level and let the pattern underneath show through the new picture you are creating. Or you can draw a crayon picture and then paint over it with black paint. The paint will stick to the paper, but not to the crayon. Use a damp sponge to dab the paint off the crayon areas. Your bright crayon drawing will stand out from the black background.
Black Out

Kooky Critters

Materials: Large pieces of paper;
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

Fold a piece of paper into four panels. The first person draws a head at the top of the page and then draws the neck down to the top of the second panel, but folds the drawing of the head back so it can't be seen. The next person draws the chest and then folds it back, but shows where the lines come down so that the following person, who draws the legs, can see where to begin. The fourth person draws the feet. Open the picture up to see what kind of creature you've made together. This gave is more fun if your group is making more than one funny creature at a time- that way everybody can be drawing at once.

Kooky Critters
Go Fish

Materials: Scissors; Construction
paper; Markers, crayons, colored pencils; Laundry basket; Stick; String;
Paper clips; Magnet

First cut out all the fish, color them and cut half-inch holes in them .
Dump all the fish into a laundry basket or box. Make a fishing rod by attaching a string to a short stick and tying a paper clip to the end. Bend open the paper clip so it can work as a hook. If you have a magnet, tie or tape it to the string and put paper clips on your fish instead of cutting holes in them. Take turns casting into the "lake" and trying to pull out a fish.
Go Fish

Sardines in a Can

Sardines in a can is almost the opposite of hide and seek. One person hides while everybody else counts aloud to 50.
Then everyone tries to find the hidden person.

When you do, quietly join them in their hiding spot and wait until, one by one, everybody has crawled into the hiding spot, When you are all crowded into a small space, you will know why it's called sardines in a can !


Sardines in a Can

Potato People

Materials: Raw unpeeled potatoes;
Round Toothpicks; Pipe cleaners;
Construction paper; Raisins and other little edibles.

Using a raw popato, make an animal, a head, or a crazy character by adding arms and legs and facial features made from anything you can attach to the potato with toothpicks. If you keep your potato creation in a dry place, it should last for at least a week.

Potato People
Home Radio Show

Materials; Cassette recorder; Tape
Make your own radio show with a cassette recorder. You'll need a name for your show. Tape music and interviews with your friends and family. Prepare a list of questions to ask them. For a talk show, give the date and introduce yourself and your guests and the discussion topic of the day. Make ads and emergency news reports. You and your friends can act out a story by taking turns reading different parts and adding sound effects. Tap a book on the table for muffled footsteps. See what other sound effects you can make up. Radio listeners like to hear lots of different sounds, so fill your show with bits of music, sound effects, and different people speaking.
Home Radio Show
Play Dough

Materials; 1/2 cup salt; 1 cup flour;
2 tsps food coloring; 1/2 tsp vanilla, mint, or orange extract; 1 cup water; 1 Tbsp vegetable oil (optional)

Mix the salt and flour. COmbine the food coloring, scent, and water and add them to the flour a little at a time until you have a thick dough ( it may take a little less or more water).

Add the vegetable oil and mix it in with your hands. There are a zillion things you can do with play dough. To make holiday ornaments, with an adult helper, you can roll it out, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, make a hole in the top, and bake it at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. You can make dough alphabet, and many more things.

Play Dough
Paper Chains

Materials; Scissors; GLue or staples;
Magazines; Construction paper; Markers

Cut magazines and paper into 1 inch by 8 inch strips. Start your chain by making a loop with one strip and stapling or gluing it closed. Then loop your next strip through the first one and continue on to see how long a chain can make. Design your own chain by drawing patterns on paper and then cutting the drawings into strips. String them up around the house. Or make a chain to count down to a special day: one loop for each day until your birthday or Mother's Day. You can make a gift chain with a quotation or secret message written on the inside of each loop. Each day the recipient can wake up and tear off a loop and get a happy message from you.

Paper Chains
Barber and Beauty Shop

Materials; Towels; Shampoo; Hair dryer

Set up a chair in your bathroom for your beauty or barber shop. Hang a sign on the door with your shop's name and hours and the services you offer. Now find a customer. It might be a good idea to start with a doll first, to show the quality of your work. If beauty and barber shops aren't popular where you live, open a fix-it shop for broken things. Gather up some things of your own that need repair and see if you can fix them. Maybe there's something else in the house that you can fix. Find an adult helper to assist you.

Barber and Beauty Shop
Create a Circus

Materials; Face paint or face crayons

You can make face paint by mixing a little cold cream, food coloring, and cornstarch together, or buy face crayons at the toy store. Then, to get into the circus mood, dress up like a clown. Some clowns are happy and some are sad. Choose which kind of clown you want to be and dress up that way. Start with the face paint and then find a silly costume - don't forget your big shoes. Now see what silly tricks you can think of doing. Take turns showing your new circus tricks.
Create a Circus
Collage Containers

Materials; paper; Little boxes ( with or without lids); Cans with lids;
Jars; Old magazines; Scissors; Glue

Tear colorful pages into strips and pieces. Cut out some little pictures from magazines. To make a collage on your can or box, glue down the colorful strips and little pictures one by one so that they overlap. Completely cover the box or can with the colorful paper and magazine pictures and anything else you want to glue on. Use your collage container as a pencil holder or for whatever you can think of. It would also make a nice gift.
Collage Containers

Window Aquarium

Materials; Pipe cleaners; Scissors; Tape; Window markers; Pencil

Make pipe- cleaner sea creatures and turn a window or sliding door into an aquarium. WIth just a little imagination and a lot of twisting, pipe cleaners can be turned into tropical fish, seaweed, dolphins, coral, snails, anything ! Think about all the different species in the ocean and make your favorite ones out of pipe cleaners. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil like a spring to make seaweed. Coil it into a circle to make a turtle or crab shell. After oyu've made your creatures, tape them up on the window. You can even make sunken treasure. You can also draw background scenery with window markers.

Window Aquarium

Fairy Garden

Materials; Small boxes; tempera paint; glue; Scissors; Rocks; Large aluminum tray or other container:
Grass seeds and dry beans, Dirt or potting soil; Odds and ends to make furniture from

Stack up the small boxes to make a fairy house. Glue the boxes together. Cut out windows and doorways it you want. Paint your house. Use all the things you've found to make the furniture for the fairies. Fill the aluminum tray with potting soil. Press rocks into the dirt in the middle. Put your house on the rocks so it won't get wet when you water your plants. Sprinkle grass seeds or beans on the dirt around the house. Water the seeds. Place in a sunny spot and watch as plants grow up around your fairy house. Look for tiny footprints.

Fairy Garden


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