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Au Pair New Zealand
Au Pair New Zealand selects and matches Au pairs with Australian families

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- Au Pair New Zealand

Are you an Au pair from New Zealand looking for work in Australia?

Welcome to Aussie Au pair. Our great au-pair programme is tailored for young New Zelanders who are looking for the experience of their lifetime.

Getting an Au pair experience is certainly one of the best ways to know new countries and culture and we can certainly help you make this dream come true. You can discover the entire world and get exposed to new cultures, living with a family while abroad. We offer our programmes in England , Australia, Canada, France , Germany and much more!

Leaving your family and friends to go abroad is a great experience but can as well be daunting. At Aussie Aupair, it is of paramount importance to us that you are in a safe and happy environment and recognised. We will always thrive to place you with host families which have been previously preselected and interviewed and in a household where you will be considered as a member of the family.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on +612 95794746 if you have any questions or e-mail us at . At Aussie Aupair, we are aiming at creating some long lasting bonds between our Au pairs and host families. So, if you genuinely like children and like to travel, apply now to be Au pair.

Why choose Aussie Aupair?

- Our placement process is free to Aupairs from New Zealand
- Learn or improve a foreign language
- Explore a new contry, travel abroad and make new friends
- Lean about a new country, new cultures and their way of life being part of their family.
- Earn a wage and get independent bedroom and all meals to assist you with your travel or studies
- Develop adult skills and become more mature
-Prepare for a childcre career and increase your childcare experience
-Aussie Aupair has long lasting and well recognised international partners, offering you an endless choice of exciting programmes and countries to go.

Being hosted with a family provides you with a life changing experience, still being in a safe environment Au pairs have the opportunity to travel and experience wonderful places, improving a foreign language and combining the fun of being with a young family while abroad.

Au pair New Zealand Programme

Our relationship with the Aupair starts at the moment of the Aupair application and carries on all the way throughout the placement. Ongoing support is actively provided which is vital to the success of the placement. Our programme includes:

•  Detailed agreement setup between the candidate and the family, including job description signed by both parties before your arrival

•  Welcome pack on arrival

•  Contact details of all aupairs we have placed in every city

•  Support : access to other aupairs in the same country, mediation and replacement if you have issues with the famlily that can not be solved

Au Pair New Zealand Duties

You are supposed to work between 30 and 45 hours a week. your duties are varied and mainly focussed in looking after the kids, either on your own if both parents work outside, or with one of the two parents to share the household duties, or because there is a new baby in the family or few kids to look after.

You are expected to play and interact with the kids, support the children in their daily activities and classes, drive them and back from school, do some cooking, prepare snacks for the kids, prepare their bath, dress, change them etc…

You are expected to tidy up the kids toys at the end of each day, do the cleaning of the kids bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, changing their beds, doing their laundry, washing dishes and clean the kitchen etc…

Are you looking for work in New Zealand?

A Typical New Zealand Host Family

Usually, New Zealand families would have 2 or 3 children. Most families live in big 4 or 5 bedroom houses with a rear garden or patio. It is usual for both parents to work outside, but sometimes, one parent work from home, in this case, the au pair will be helping this parent. Most families would usually have two cars, and sometimes, one car for the use of the au pair. Most families in New Zealand are fond of sports and love spending time outdoors. They will usually spend weekends with family and friends. New Zelanders eat a variety of international foods. Hot meals are usually taken at night, in a former dinner. Kiwis are known to be simple, welcoming and friendly people.

Am I Elegible to apply?

To be eligible to our program, all candidates need to comply with the following:

•  Be between 18 and 30 years old.

•  Do not smoke

•  Be a driver

•  Have some kind of experience working with children and at least one reference.

•  Be willing to work for 6 to 12 months


An experience that can last for a lifetime!