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Dear family,

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Name and Surname:
City or Town:
Post code:
Home Telephone "Compulsory" Area code: Number:
Work Telephone Area code: Number:
E-mail Address:

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Which program do you choose:

AU PAIR Fees  2015

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Your choices

Short Term = ( 2 -3 months)



Au Pair Australia =
6 month Placements. The Au pair has a minimum 150 hrs childcare experience,
most of our au pairs are in this category




Au Pair Australia Plus =
This Au pair can care for children under 2,
has a little EXTRA more childcare experience or is a native English speaker




Au Pair Professional = Candidates have either:

- a formal qualification (degree or diploma) in childcare
- over 500 hrs work experience in a child-care related jo
- previous au pair or nanny experience




Your Requirements
When do you need the au pair to start? (month)
Is this date flexible? would you accept the au pair to start later? pls give details

Please note that due to visas we are only allowed to accept au pairs from Europe, Canada, USA and UK

Do you require an Aupair with driving licence?
Would you consider non driver au pairs as well?
Will you accept a male au pair?
Family Personal details
Mothers Name and nationality:
Fathers Name and nationality:
Number of children to take care:
Ages of children
If you have several children, plus a young baby, is the au pair expected to care all children and the baby? Please give details
Father's Occupation:
Mother's Occupation:
Which language is mainly spoken in your family?
Are you a single parent?:
Is a baby expected?:
The Family Home

Describe the area you live in, as some au pairs have preferences for specific regions.

what's the nearest big cicty to your home.


Do you live in a city, town or the country
Do you have any pets, if so please describe
How far is the nearest beach?
Please describe your home and accommodation for example number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, facilities such as dishwasher, swimmimg pool, domestic help,etc
Please describe the Aupair's accommodation (e.g. own bathroom, television, radio, dressing table, computer, etc)
Please include a photo of your family, so your selected au pair can see your family profile completed
The area in which you live:
how far is the local bus stop?
how far is the local train station?
About Your Family
Please describe your family for example: active/busy/quiet,likes/dislikes, special needs, health problems

How many hours per week would the Aupair work?

Please describe her duties and working hours from Monday to Friday:
Pocket money per week offered: (min $6AUD pr hr for 1 and 2 kids) $7 or $ 8 for more kids
Please mark which of these duties your aupair will be expected to do
Wash up/clear after meals
Prepare kids meals (not cooking for family)
Grocery shopping
help with pets

Supervise bedtime
Supervise homework
Bathing children
Driving children

Any additional incentives for example holidays, use of car, paid phone calls, help with travel fares and college fees, local activities and places of interest.

As the demand from Australian families for au pairs from overseas countries grows, we need to be aware that not only do we have the visa limitation as above but that there is so much competition from other countries around the world for these same applicants. America provides return airfares and full insurance cover making the program very attractive indeed. All EU countries provide airfares or at the least provide the return airfare. Insurance cover is provided. South African families pay an end of stay completion bonus.
Australia Australia which is far away and costly to get to and where the applicants have to provide their own return airfare and insurance cover, comes low on the list as a country to choose to go to. It is only those girls that really want to come down under that find the money to join the program.

What can be done to encourage applicants to come to Australia?
We would like to suggest that families give consideration to the idea that is working so well in South Africa.
That is That is an end of stay completion bonus. The amount of bonus is entirely up to the family. The au pair can then use that money towards any travelling she wants to do before having to return home. She feels and she goes home with only good memories of her stay.
Whilst you are under no obligation whatsoever, to work with the above suggestion, Aussie Au pair would really like you to consider it. The suggestion is made in order to help motivate au pairs come to Australia rather than go elsewhere.

If you wish to follow this suggestion please indicate so on the application form.



Nanny Australia