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Why do I need an Au Pair from Au Pair Australia?


Affordable Childcare

Au Pair Australia is a cost effective solution. Childcare normally costs $80-$100 per day per child. An Au Pair will cost AUD $180-210 per week whether you have one child or three!

Crèche or Au pair?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then you may have the answer you have been looking for:

  • Childcare increasing costs?
  • Childcare hours are inflexible?
  • Need an extra hand with light housework to allow you to take more time with your children when you are at home?
  • Need an habitual babysitter whom both you and the children know freeing-up some time for you and your partner?
  • Do you struggle with childcare over the summer holidays?

Then the solution to your problems could be an Au Pair!!

Why is it a better option to have an Au pair?

- It is the option taken in cases where both father and mother spend many hours away, and that fits perfectly with the family schedule.
- The advantages of having an Au pair at home is that the child remains in a familiar environment, and by having a single caregiver, is not obliged to adapt to several people.
- If you have only one child, is a one-to-one relationship.
- Our Au pairs can usually look after a young baby or child.
- Care in your own home means that it is less difficult when your child is unwell.
- The hours are usually flexible - you don't have to wake a child early to get him ready or put him to bed late just to fit around your working pattern.

Why not to choose the crèche before the child is 3 years old?

· Small children attending kindergartens must constantly adapt to the change of caregivers and do not receive individual care.
· Another disadvantage is the increased risk of infectious diseases, despite the fact that some people believe that early exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses can strengthen your immune system.
· Waiting lists for public and private schools are very long.
· Schedules are often not adapted to certain professions. For those parents working in evening shifts and weekends.
· Usually, none of the existing pre-schools is willing to accept children when they are sick. And you or your partner will usually have to take time off work.If the child is very young is likely to be infected with infectious diseases and often have to spend long periods at home.
- Your child will not be in familiar surroundings or have many of his toys with him.
- There is less one to one-to-one interaction
- The hours are fixed and may not be flexible enough for you to do overtime.
- Most pre-schools follow the public school hours and holidays, which can be difficult for working parents.
- Your child may not be ready for the structured learning environment.

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