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Au Pair Host Family Requirements

To Host an Au Pair in Australia

Au pair Australia is dedicated to providing positive experiences for both our au pairs and host families, offering flexible and culturally-rich childcare in your home. For most au pairs, this is a highly anticipated experience they have been preparing for over a significant period of time.

By utilizing our agency, au pairs feel comfortable, well-prepared, and excited about traveling to Australia, knowing they will be able to seamlessly integrate into our host families and receive support throughout their placement term.

Part of ensuring this successful integration is ensuring that our host families create the right environment.

Hosting an au pair can be a wonderful cultural exchange experience for both the host family and the au pair. In Australia, there are specific requirements that host families must meet in order to participate in the au pair program. This article outlines the essential criteria and responsibilities for Australian host families interested in hosting an au pair.

Host families are expected to:

* Provide a suitable private room and three daily meals for the au pair.

Pay a weekly stipend of $8 per hour

 Provide a minimum of one week of paid vacation for each 6-month exchange term

Grant the au pair at least two days off per week and one weekend off per month.

Provide automobile insurance coverage if the au pair will be driving your vehicle(s), and list her as an operator on your insurance policy for full protection.

Include the au pair in family meals, outings, holidays, and other events whenever possible. 

Reside within walking distance of public transportation or provide the au pair with access to a car for personal use.

Foster open communication and cooperation with the au pair.

Dedicate time to train the au pair in their duties and family routines.

Agree to and abide by Au pair Australia's host family terms and conditions.

Great families:

  • Make time for shared meals and make an effort to get to know the au pair as an individual.
  • Include the au pair in tourist outings and assist them in planning their free time and holidays.
  • Take the au pair out for family dinners, movie nights, or social gatherings with friends.
  • Bring the au pair along on family vacations.
  • Help the au pair enroll in local gyms or join sporting clubs of interest.
  • Celebrate the au pair's birthday and other significant milestones.

By meeting these requirements and embracing the role of a host family, you can create a memorable and rewarding experience for both your family and the au pair.

Becoming a host family for an au pair in Australia is an enriching experience that offers cultural exchange, assistance with childcare, and the opportunity to create lifelong connections. By meeting the requirements outlined here, host families can provide a safe and supportive environment for their au pairs, ensuring a successful and rewarding experience for all parties involved.