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Evaluating the Character and Temperament of your Ideal Au pair

Character and temperament of your Ideal Au pair

There are other qualities you want to consider besides values, orientations and caregiving style. These qualities observable from appearance and those qualities you learn about from her behaviour.4

I’ve found it best to ask parents ‘’if the ideal candidates came into your home today, who would that person be? What is about her that makes her seem so ideal?

For some parents it is Mary Poppins. For others it is someone they know. You might find your self saying ‘’if only my mom could be my Au pair, life would be so easy! Or ‘’if only my best friend could do this, i would feel so reassured!’’ Equally important are identifying people you could not imagine as your Au pair. What is about these people that make them less ideal?

Here are some areas you may want to consider when evaluating fit:

Age; Does chronological age matter? Consider this in terms of activity level, stamina and maturity. Will she have to carry your baby up and down stairs on a regular basis or run after an active toddler? Does she have enough life experience to assure you she can manage the challenges she will encounter? Is her personal life stable enough to ensure predictable employment with you for as long as you need her?

Grooming: is the way she dresses consistent with how you want your family to be seen by others? Is there a certain code that is important for you?

Language: Can you understand each other well? Can you talk easily about the how’s and why’s of your child’s day?

Temperament: is she active and outgoing? Quiet? Formal with close boundaries or wear her heart on her sleeve? Does her temperament complement or run counter to yours? What about your child’s?

Communication: Does her style of communication complement yours or is it difficult to understand her ideas or to follow her line of thought?