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Miriam Aubert – Needs of School aged children and childcare

Miriam Aubert – Needs of school-age children
Miriam Aubert – Needs of school-age children

When children have started school, their needs change dramatically. They have begun to grow and mature and will be experiencing a certain amount of independence while being away from their main carers for much of the day. Although children of school age still require love, affection and continuity of care, they also need the following;

– A quiet area to reflect on the days events, to do homework or to simply enjoy some quiet time.
– A carer who is aware of what goes on in the school and is capable of planning their activities around the school curriculum. For example it is helpful for carers to know, in advance, what topics or themes are being studied at school as these can then be extended in the childcare setting to enhance and build on the child’s knowledge. It is important of course that the carer does not repeat what has already been taught in school as this can become boring and repetitive for the child.

Miryam Aubert – The important needs of Toddlers when choosing childcare

Miryam Aubert
Miryam Aubert – needs of Toddlers when choosing childcare

As with babies, toddlers require:

– Continuity of care;
– Affectionate, responsive carers with plenty of patience and energy. Toddlers can be very demanding and not all carers have the stamina to deal with children of this age;
– Regular routines in familiar surroundings. toddlers like to know what to expect and are happy when the day’s routines follow a certain pattern;
– A stimulating environment. This is essential for toddlers in order for them to be suitably entertained and to prevent them from becoming bored;
– Opportunity to converse. Toddlers ask endless questions and your child’s carer will need to be patient.

Miryam Aubert – The important needs of babies when choosing childcare

Babies have several key needs that you must ensure your chosen carer can provide in order for your baby to be happy and settled.

Miryam Aubert
Miryam Aubert – needs of babies when choosing childcare

Babies need:

Affectionate, responsive carers. Babies thrive in settings that provide them with the love and affection they crave. The carer you choose must genuinely love babies in order for your child to receive the cuddles and interaction that they need. The carer must be a responsible person who is capable of responding to your babies needs.
A regular routine which they know and understand. Babies are creatures of habit and they feel safe, comfortable and secure in familiar surroundings when following a predictable routine.
Plenty of communication. Although babies cannot talk they can converse through eye contact, touch and verbal noises. The carer you choose should be patient and willing to spend time with your child in this way.
–  A stimulating environment. Babies need to be stimulated in order for them to grow and develop. A safe environment which give them access to age-appropriate toys and equipment is vital.

Miriam Aubert – The needs of your child

Miriam Aubert
Miriam Aubert – The needs of your child

Before deciding which type of childcare you need it is important to first look at your child’s needs. the key factors you should consider when choosing childcare are:
– The age of your child;
– The temperament of your child;- any worries or concerns you may have regarding your child.

The Child’s age

As children grow and progress their needs change drastically. The childcare that you initially thought was wonderful for your tiny, helpless little baby may not appear quite as perfect when he has developed into an articulate toddler in need of stimulation and entertainment. Continuity of care is important for the care of young children and it is therefore important, when choosing childcare initially, that you think about your child’s current and future childcare needs. In order to ensure that the choice you make for your child’s care when they are a baby remains suitable throughout their childhood, it is essential that you evaluate the arrangement carefully and make sure that your child will not outgrow the chosen setting.