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Want to travel but don’t have much money

“I would love to spend a year in a foreign country as au pair in Australia, but i don’t have much money!” I hear this all the time from people interested in hearing more about au pair programs. The Au pair experience is different from other trips abroad. It is relatively inexpensive as the basic thought behind these programs is a balanced ”give and take” approach. The term ”au pair” is french for ”reciprocity”. The host family that takes you in and welcomes you into their family gives you the opportunity to experience the wonders of a foreign country, integrate into a new culture and make new friends along the way.

Mother and child relaxing in the city parkIt sounds really simple, but leaving family and friends behind and adjusting to a new family marks the beginning  of a new chapter in one’s life. if you want to to have a successful and enjoyable time as Au Pair in Australia, you will need to be ready to try new things, leave familiar things behind and be open to change.

Preparing for your Au pair Experience in Australia.

The preparations for your stay abroad as an au pair begin long before you leave home. It is best to start planning the basics of your trip about a year in advance. This time is used to mentally prepare for the upcoming trip. Think about what language you would like to improve and which countries you are interested in. Gather information on the culture, language, politics and history of your top3 or so favorite countries. By familiarising yourself with the history of a country, you will have a much easier time understanding certain traditions and customs. Consider how long you would like your stay to be. The longer your stay, the deeper and more familiar you will become with your host country’s culture, language and overall lifestyle. Generally, an au pair program lasts for at least six months and most last a whole year . In the USA, the guidelines are clearly defined and an au pair stay lasts at least 12 months over the summer, but this depends on the respective country’s entry requirements.

General Requirements:

-Single and childless
-At least 18 yrs old
-Adequate language skills ( sometimes only English skills are required – even in countries with different official languages)
-Valid ID and passport (validity should extend at least a few months beyond your planned return date)
-Physical and mental fitness
-Childcare experience
-Reliable and responsible character
-Clean criminal record certificate.

Message from John:

An Au pair in Germany
John tells of his experience:

”I can still remember it like it was yesterday: The dream of travelling to a foreign land. For me it didn’t matter where it was – I just wanted to be out there, exploring the world and seeing how people live on the other side of the earth. The first time i heard about the au pair program in Germany i jumped at the opportunity. I didn’t even hesitate for a moment. I knew that this was my chance and i dove in head first.”

Childcare experience can be gathered through internships at childcare facilities, babysitting work or tutoring as well as assisting or leading at a children’s camp or sports center. This is a very important requirement, as childcare will be among your main tasks as an au pair and should not be overlooked. Your experience will need to be backed up with references. Practical experiences within your own family and references from relatives are generally inadequate.