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Welcome to Au Pair Australia

Au pair Australia is an Australian Registered Business matching Au Pairs with families all over Australia and offering the Nanny Overseas program since 2008 (View Renewal of Registration) with representation in France and Germany. Our program offers the lowest fees in the Australian Market and quality home-based childcare for Australian families.

What is an AuPair? Is a young person from overseas coming to improve her English and live with an Australian family as a member, providing both childcare and light housework in exchange for a small allowance, accomodation and meals.

We are not after your money, we simply want loyal customers that come back to us again time after time. As you well know, we stand out by our values and this is why we do not charge upfront deposits and until our customers have found the ideal candidate as we want loyal customers, not locked customers. Please read more about our difference.

We have screened girls ready to travel. We help you to welcome her in the best possible conditions by answering all your questions and we follow up your case throughout her stay.

We are located in Sydney
and we serve as an intermediary between the host family and AuPairs from overseas, through our matching service and working holiday program. Our aim is to give the opportunity to young girls to come to work and discover the country. We have a vast list of families all over Australian major cities.

Because we believe that every family is unique, we want to define with you optimum selection criteria in order to present candidates to fully meet your expectations.

What distinguishes us from our competitors:

  1. No registration fees or deposits! The placement fee is only payable upon confirmation of a placement, We do not oblige you to remain with us by charging you a booking fee
  2. No extra payments. Unlike other agencies, our placement fee is a one off payment
  3. We are the only Au pair agency in Australia offering for free an Online Aupair Course to your au pair before arriving to Australia, with information about security measures taking care of children, discipline, lunch preparation, etc. Have a look here . We have candidates from Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Germany and many other countries....
  4. Our agency is run as a family business, which means that we stand out by our personal and customised service.

Our candidates have police clearance, childcare references and most of them a current first aid certificate

Why Become a Host family? - -click here to register, No booking Fee!

Is reconciling family life with serenity and professional life, while enriching your family from a cultural experience perspective It can be a great experience to be exposed to a new culture and language. Read more about the benefits for families. You can start today, by registering.pdf

Au Pairs, Why to register with us?- Have a look of our program options click here to register

We've all been 18 to 26 before, and we understand where you are in life. As such we keep our program fees as low as possible

Au Pair Australia is the most trusted agency for safe and secure placements and "in country" support. Professionalism, safety, security and care are four of the basic elements of our agency. Our programs aim to help you to find the perfect family match for you so that you have a great time in Australia.

Some of the benefits of registering with our our agency, are that we offer fully vetted host families and ensures a valid agreement that protects you. We provide ongoing support during your placement, in case of any problems or emergencies; placements with a new family are possible should this be necessary.

Most of our families offer a $500 AUD completion bonus at the end of your stay if they are happy with your performance. Read more about the process.

We do check their criminal records overseas, before accepting them. We provide them information to get the visa and they also go through an interview with the family before confirming the placement. Our agency has years of experience of placing top European, American, British and Canadian girls with good language skills, which means that we can offer you and your family access to the finest candidates.

We offer a comprehensive service and give continued support throughout the placement. We also offer an on-line course that we recommend them to undertake to ensure better knowledge and understanding of child minding.

click on the PDF icon to download our Brochure

Have a look of the online course

The candidate:

  • provides up to 45 hours per week (excluding babysitting).
  • takes care of your children at home (meals, baths, games, naps ...)
  • accompany your children to school, extracurricular activities, leisure ...
  • should be willing to do daily light housekeeping (cooking, laundry, dishes, ironing ...)
  • shall bear the cost of their language classes in their free time

What are my obligations as a host family?

It is a cultural exchange program, and is by no means an employment contract.

During their stay, she should be considered as a family member. You can possibly offer some advantages, such as participation in language courses.

In exchange, the family must:

  • Provide a private room (she can share the bathroom),
  • Ensure you provide all meals,
  • Provide pocket money of an amount equal to or greater than $150 AUD per week (December 2013),
  • Give her one or two days off per week, at least one Sunday a month for worship, enough free time for language lessons and distractions, and one week of paid vacation after six months of service within your family.

Becoming a host family, What are the advantages?

  • More free time for parents- She offers the parents the chance to enjoy some quality time together (one evening per week) where they can relax by leaving their children in the hands of a capable babysitter who is familiar with their children's ways and routines.
  • Is affordable- Normal average childcare charges between $85 and $100 per day; while she can provide up to 45 hours per week of flexible help with the children and the house for a cost of between $150 and $200/ week. She receives pocket money of approximately $150 per week per family, and not per child! (Unlike other forms of childcare)
  • Is time saving-There is no need to advertise for the position and therefore, get the necessary background checks.
  • In-home childcare- She will provide in-home childcare. which is a one-to-one relationship. Duties include: Housekeeping, help with cooking , Ironing, Grocery shopping and responsibilities related with childcare such as: bathing children, supervising homework, preparing meals and lunches, reading, playing games, taking them for walks or to the park. They offer live-in childcare, so there is more flexibility to arrange their working hours to adjust to your family's needs.
  • Is Convenient - There is flexibility, as you can arrange a work schedule, with your needs as priority and in the way that is convenient for you. You don't have to wake a child early to get him ready or put him to bed late just to fit around your working pattern. Care in your own home means that it is less difficult when your child is unwell.
  • Suits your needs - She provides a customized childcare, according to the needs and schedule of your family, she can devote full attention to your children and she will know her daily routines.