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What is an Au pair?

A lot of people are not quite sure about what is an Aupair exactly, are they nannies, are they babysitters that they live with you, the official definition is that they are young people from overseas that come over to Australia for 6 months to live with an Australian family and take care of their children.So What is an Au pair? The term au pair itself is a French term that means an pair, meaning a family member, I always saw my au pairs like an older daughter or like a niece, my kids see their au pair like an older sister, just take the phone and we can discuss about what their qualifications are like and by registering as a family you can have a look at their applications to check out yourself.

They come under a working holiday visa that is good for a year, they should work for 6 months with each employer, they all speak English, they speak conversational English and by having the opportunity to be in Australia they improve their English, they love children of course, they have childcare experience and they want to have an opportunity to spend 6 months and up to a year living with an Australian family and taking care of their kids they want to have the chance to see Australia and experience the Australian culture while they can travel while they are here.

So those are the reasons why they are motivafted to come, to improve their English, to live with a family, to have the chance to see Australia.

Most families in Australia looking for childcare are used to hiring a local Australian nanny, but very few of them have been in touch with an au pair. Generally, an au pair is a single and young person coming from other country and their main purpose is to improve their English by leaving with an Australian family.

She usually does both childcare and light housework chores, some of them are drivers and can assist by driving children to school and other activities and they in exchange receive what is called a pocket money and accommodation. They can travel to Australia under a working holiday visa which entitles them to work for 6 months with each employer, and families should follow this visa requirement.

Please consider that an au pair is not a trained nanny and some of them have few experience with babies, all our au pairs have at least 200 hrs experience with children but not a lot have cared babies before. They should not care in sole charge young babies, but if requested, all families are expected to give some kind of training about safety measures and be at home the first couple of weeks if she is expected to care a baby in sole charge later on.

Daily Responsibilities

Every family is different and has different needs and the tasks of the au pair may be according to the age of the children considering their activities and commitments, but in general their main responsibility is around the care of the children and the rest with other household tasks

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