Choosing Childcare

Choosing Childcare

It is probably true to say that childcare is one of the most stressful areas of modern parenthood. Choosing the right type of childcare and the right child carer is therefore among one of the most important decision you will probably have to make and it is vital that you get it right.

Failing to choose wisely from the outset may result in you having to change your arrangements down the line which, in turn, can have a negative impact on your child. Ideally, with the correct information and guidance you will be able to change daunting task of finding suitable childcare into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Find suitable childcare is a big decision and should not be left to the last minute. Good childcare places are often snapped up and if you don’t plan ahead early you may well find yourself having to wait several months for a place at the nursery or childminders of your choice.

The nature of your child will have a huge impact on your choice of childcare setting and it is vital that you understand the impact that good quality childcare can have on children generally, such as encouraging confidence and independence and helping them to cooperate with each other and reach their full potential.

Dear Future Host Parents,

Are you a busy parent looking for flexible and affordable one-on-one childcare in the comfort of your own home? Do you need help with childcare related household duties? Are you interested in bringing the world to your children by introducing them to foreign traditions and food as well as a second language? Are you in need of childcare help within the next 3-16 weeks?

If the answer to all, or even some, of these questions is yes!, it might be time to consider hiring an Au Pair from overseas.
The term “Au Pair” is French for “equal to”, meaning that the relationship between you, your children and an Au Pair should be a reciprocal and caring one. An Au Pair is typically a young woman who takes care of your children and does light housekeeping for up to 12 months. Because hosting an Au Pair is as much a cultural exchange program as it is a childcare program, we refer to each of our clients as a host family. As a host family you will welcome an Au Pair into your home to be an extended family member, include her in
activities and meals and introduce her to the “Australian way of life”. In exchange, your family benefits from a caring and dedicated caregiver who can offer so much more than simply childcare.
Does an Au Pair sound like the right fit?

Contact us today and get started! We are looking forward to placing an Au Pair with you soon.